How free is Rumania?

Today, September 19th 2007, I ask myself that. So many years after the revolution and 5 years after the to this date unexplained death of Dr. Dc. Ovidiu Vuia, physician, writer and poet. Quickly I noticed that his last book "Sub Zodia Cartii si a Studiului (Cu Pamfil Seicaru in exil) Vol. I-III and more than 1000 pages", which was falsified and with altered or rather changed names printed after his death, must also be a reason. But one already falsified his books or provided many mistakes still during Ovidiuís lifetime, especially if it was regarding the illness and death of Mihai Eminescu. Now I, his former wife, am transcribing all of his books so that future generations experience finally, what he really wrote. What I experienced in the 5 years after his death resembles a mystery story, but is unfortunately reality. For his last book I paid 5000 Euro, which ended up being a worthless falsification. Two years ago I once again placed an order to print the book in such a way as Ovidiu wrote it. It was again falsified. One recognizes the handwriting of the old communists best by the fact that they predominantly write names incorrectly. I hired an attorney, because I did not want to let this second falsification, for which again I paid 4800 Euro, go forward unpunished. From May to September 18th the attorney did nothing, except collect money. I extracted the mandate form the attorney again. For 5 years I am only obstructed. Even the funeral of Ovidiu in Romania one wanted to prevent. They did not succeed. One wants to prevent with all power to make the life and work of Ovidiu public. I will fight for the fact that this does not happen. In the meantime I lost confidence and see very dark for Romania and its so-called freedom. I now fight on-line and do everything alone, I can rely on myself. I thank those who had the courage to publish Ovidiuís work "Despre boala si moarta lui Eminescu", which is already finished and on the Internet. In work I have now "Mihai Eminescu 1889-1989", which also is provided with errors in the original, but was still corrected by Ovidiu. The corrected version appears shortly on-line. I wish Romania well, it needs it.

Rita Vuia

To my Person

Rita Vuia, born December 8, 1946 in Wetzlar, Germany. For 3 years now I own an apartment in Arad, Rumania and reside there permanently since February 2007 as my only domicile, in order to learn the language and to look after Ovidiuís grave and to preserve his remembrance.